The Volvo Ocean Race is much more than a sailing race only. It’s an adventure, a fight against the elements. The organization also aims to contribute to a better world. The race pays attention to the pollution of the ocean and looks for solutions. In addition, TIG Sports, the municipality of The Hague and the Employer Service-point WSP use the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race as an opportunity for a work experience project. Watermakers offers local talent – job seekers, status holders and students, the chance to get started at companies, suppliers and organizations involved in the finish of the sailing race. 

By Edward Swier

The main goal of the Watermakers-project is to create paid work opportunities for job-seekers with distance to the labour market leading up to and around the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race in the Hague. ,, Some of them have overcome some sizable bumps. Fulfilling a function in the run-up to and during the Volvo Ocean Race is for those individuals, like for the sailors, a major task ”, said Margit Bosch.

The organization behind Watermakers has years of experience with similar projects. A Bunch of Choices linked earlier job seekers and event organizations to each other. Hundreds of young talents uptained work experience at mega-events like SAIL Amsterdam and the start of the Giro d’Italia in Gelderland. ,, The magic of such an event is what triggers everyone, job seeker and entrepreneur, to want to put in their best effort ”, knows Bosch.

A Bunch of Choices is born from the passion for education, young talent, events, getting the best out of people and creating solutions by bringing together parties. In earlier projects we mainly focused on students and education. This time the project is particularly focused on the vulnerable targetgroups. Also status holders, who are at least two years in The Netherlands. ,, An extra challenge, but such a valuable group to all concerned ”, says Bosch.

Watermakers fits in the efforts of the municipality of the Hague and TIG Sports to have a social impact with the Volvo Ocean Race Finish, in addition to economic impact. Suppliers, business owners, caterers, security companies and all others involved in the Volvo Ocean Race Finish are urged to offer one or more local job seekers the opportunity to develop into a valuable employee.

Watermakers mediates in many pathways in this period. Bosch:,, We want to create as many openings for job seekers. ” In virtually every stage it is possible to have a cooperation. The job profile of job-seekers is very wide, just like the work areas in which they could be active, such as hospitality, catering, public order and security, retail, business and facility services, logistics . ,, Companies who will be taking part, will be helped by A Bunch of Choices and the Employer Service-point in recruiting, training and coaching of jobseekers, ends the statement of Bosch.

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