Advice to bertholders

June 23rd – July 2nd

The Harbour is restricted for accredited yachts only
If you are one of them, please make sure you are recognised as such, please fly the accreditation flag you will receive.

Harbour Management
With over 700 boats in Scheveningen Harbour, we need proper coordination. We use Harbour Control boats and Dockmasters to support this. They are much like airplane stewardesses; you think they are there to help you, but in fact if you don’t do as they say, they will kick you off the airplane. Just saying….

When entering the harbour, you will be awaited by a harbour control boat or alternatively you can contact Harbour Authority at VHF 21. They will verify if you have the correct accreditation.

Additional Harbour Control boats will be present in the various harbours of Scheveningen and will help you find your pre-assigned docking space.

An overview of accredited boats and their mooring location is included in this mailing. See the CAD drawing and Excel attachment. Both of these files will be updated in the lead up to the event, so information is only preliminary!

Dockmasters are your first point of contact when docked. They will advise you of your mooring position and help make sure you are exactly in the right spot. For boats with a fixed berth in Scheveningen, off course you will be able to find your own way.

Dockmasters will also be your contact for leaving your berth. We advise you to check the underneath link:

This link will provide you with the latest planned harbour movements and you can see if your departure would be in agreement with the schedule.

Then, please pre-clear your departure with available Dockmasters, who will inform the Harbour Authority (VHF 21) so you do not need to do that yourself.

Harbour control boats will be the eyes and ears of the Harbour Authority and will try to organise traffic for maximum efficiency and inform dockmasters of delays or opportunities for earlier departures. As we have 260 optimists leaving and entering the harbour at times, as well as large hospitality and Royal Navy vessels (up to 80+ meters) and a 29-meter ferry, please expect and accept some delays and follow instructions from both Harbour Control boats and Dockmasters. We do our best to let everybody leave and arrive as they please, but have set schedules as a basis, which we would appreciate your compliance with.

For yachts visiting the Race Areas, you are requested to:

  • Adhere to advice given by Local Authority, Harbour Control and Marshall vessels (flying a Yellow flag “Security”).
  • During VO65 races, maintain a listening watch on Channel 88. Marshall boat communication to spectator vessels will take place on Channel 88.
  • Stay well clear of yachts racing. 150 meters is considered the minimum safe distance
  • Stay outside of any of the race areas. These zones may be indicated by marker buoys and be maintained by Local Authority vessels and Marshall boats (flying a Yellow flag “Security”)

Please be aware, on June 24th and June 25th, Volvo Ocean racing yachts may approach buoy KNS from the general direction of buoy NAM22.

General / Safety Advice:

  • Maintain a permanent 360º lookout and do not exceed safe speed at all times
  • Sailing, Kite- or Windsurfing, supping, rowing etc. will not be allowed as spectator craft
  • Drones are not allowed, either flying or on board (!), with the exception of drones under the control of the organisation. There is a no-fly zone active overhead the event. Offenders will be prosecuted
  • Lifejackets are recommended, ensure sufficient warm clothing
  • On open boats like RIBs or ‘sloepen’ lifejackets for all crew and use of an available kill-cord is mandatory
  • Keep hands and feet inboard at all times
  • Any garbage should remain on board

Normal marine communication remains intact for Scheveningen Harbour approach (VHF Channel 21) and Safety at Sea (VHF Channel 16).